Jul 242014

northern spanking

Guys, check out this neat little gallery at NORTHERN SPANKING featuring a real life couple. “Earlier this year, our good friends Korey and James came to stay with Alex and I in Los Angeles. Never having made a film before, we were delighted when they asked us to film them role-playing a realistic domestic discipline scenario. This is the wonderful result. Simple in storyline and execution, there is a special magic when real couples with a real disciplinary relationship honor us with a glimpse into their lifestyle. Thank you both, we are honored.” Cool stuff.  View gallery here.

Jul 132014

schoolgirl spanking english spanking

Raining cats are being chased by soaked dogs here so what better way to forget the dismal weather than to do a kinky cosplay schoolgirl spanking post from ENGLISH SPANKERS! Imogen loves to play at being a schoolgirl and put on her old uniform. She is at her desk, supposed to be doing lines. When the teacher checks she finds that the page is covered with a very naughty drawing. Punishment is called for and starts with a hand spanking over knickers and then on the bare. Next a small wicked wooden hairbrush is produced and gives poor sorry Imogen a very red and painful bottom! More free gallery pix here!

Jun 272014

girl ass spanking

Big girl on girl spanking at English Spankers today with this hot update. Ashley is determined not to repay certain loans she has taken out but has at last been caught alone by the debt collector. She protests that she has no money and that she will try to pay when she can, not a very good story. The debt collector decides that what is needed is a short sharp shock and that is what Ashley gets on her bare bottom. Bent over the knee this lovely young wife is spanked first on her panties and then very hard on her bare bottom. This is her very first experience of spanking and we at English Spankers are very pleased to have her over our knees just for you! Awesome.  Watch a free preview trailer here.

Jun 202014

amelia jane rutherford

Sigh. Amelia Jane Rutherford is so damned hot and cute in her new movie at REDSTRIPE SPANKING – part of the Spanking Sarah network of English spanking websites. The London Tanner is the best known producer of leather spanking implements in the world but little know is the fact that many young ladies are sent to him by husbands and boyfriends for a real sound spanking. He has large hard hands and a very strong right arm and boy does he know how to use it. The latest visitor to his house is Amelia Jane Rutherford and she is none too happy to find herself there and even less pleased when she is ordered to place herself over his knee. A good hard spanking is always good for a girl, puts her in her place, but just try telling that to Amelia Jane who can’t sit on her red bottom.  Watch a free preview movie trailer here.

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