Apr 102014

aaa spanking

Check out this hot and sexy new movie at AAA SPANKING. Bunking off Bible Class: The full film includes a superb ultra clear 1920×1080 HD-MP4 version: Sarah Gregory pretended to be sick and fooled John when he took her temperature orally, he left the room and she placed it in a warm cup of coffee. When he returned to check her temperature he knew she is faking it as the temperature was way too high so he decided to take it rectally and did the job of it personally. Sarah was mortified and highly embarrassed but couldn’t admit that she had lied as she knew she’d be punished. Whilst still in her cute Bible Class uniform, he checked her temperature and discovered she wasn’t running a fever at all. She then admitted she was not sick, hoping he would be lenient but it was far too late for that and Sarah got an embarrassing bare bottom OTK spanking followed by a leather paddling for daring to trick John. In the Finale, you will see Sarah hopelessly trying to recite books of the Bible whilst her bottom was high in the air getting thrashed… this is a delightfully naughty spanking film that sees a new direction for the quintessential girl next door, Sarah Gregory! Click here for more free pix!

Mar 262014


npp021Hot mature girl on girl action in this great new movie from SPANKING SARAH. Mistress Sarah has a new maid and is getting even lazier than usual. She demands her favourite cocktail and then she finds that the cleaning is not up to scratch. Much to the surprise of Sarah the maid offers her bottom to Sarah for punishment. An offer which is taken up and put into practice immediately. Bending her over the settee with her pert bottom in the air Sarah applies her large leather paddle, no messing no holding back just a good hard beating. Click here for a great free movie preview!