Spanking Paperback Writer Spanked!

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Aug 092016

northern spanking

Cool stuff and hot big bottoms in a new series at boffo spank site NORTHERN SPANKING. Publisher Paul Kennedy is fed up with the laziness of his prize authoress Sarah Gregory and decides to correct her the old fashioned way, with a very sore bottom! Perhaps she can exercise what little writing talent she actually does possess by describing the punishment she has just received? Check out an awesome free gallery here!

The Spanking Return of English Spankers Mr Stern.

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Aug 042016


english spanking

Holy hot pants guys!! Imagine giving naughty Bell Calder a good spanking over those tight shorts! Another great story featuring The return of Mr. Stern, this time he is called upon to discipline a lazy, idle teenager, Bell Calder. After a severe dressing down he proceeds to spank her bottom over her shorts before having these removed and spanking her bare. Next he selects a slipper paddle, this is a very stingy and rather nasty little paddle that can inflict quite a lot of pain to those bent over receiving its attentions and Bell is no exception. She does not like the paddle and lets us know this but she has to take her full quota. More free preview pix at the excellent ENGLISH SPANKERS here!


Zoe’s Turn to Give a Spanking.

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Jul 262016

aaa spanking girls

aaa spanked girls

HOT from the home of AAA SPANKING is this great new girl spanks girl movie starring bespectacled babe ZOE PAGE who lusts about spanking the impressive arse of submissive ALEX REYNOLDS in her full white knickers. Alex Reynolds was the subject for prefect Zoe Page’s study on how to carry out the perfect detention as shown by Mr Kennedy. This was needed in the absence of teaching staff due to ongoing Education cuts to teacher funding at the school. Alex was a complex subject for Zoe to observe as this American Exchange Student tried every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence! This would be no simple spanking punishment, as Zoe had secretly hoped it wouldn’t be… Miss Reynolds’ lies & her refusal to own up when she had the chance saw to that! So her regulation panties were removed then she received various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare, quivering bottom in the cold austere classroom. This would include the heavy punishment hairbrush, a thick leather strap & a painful wooden paddle (to make her feel at home). Zoe watched eagerly taking notes as the punishment unfolded so she could step in if needed whenever Mr Kennedy decided to leave the room. This is a special long play 2 part detention series of student Alex Reynolds & we know you will enjoy this! See what happened in this schoolgirl spanking film with a true authentic, depressing classroom setting!





Sweet Wife Northern Spanking.

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Jul 252016

northern spanking

Guys, check out this neat little gallery at NORTHERN SPANKING featuring a real life couple. “Earlier this year, our good friends Korey and James came to stay with Alex and I in Los Angeles. Never having made a film before, we were delighted when they asked us to film them role-playing a realistic domestic discipline scenario. This is the wonderful result. Simple in storyline and execution, there is a special magic when real couples with a real disciplinary relationship honor us with a glimpse into their lifestyle. Thank you both, we are honored.” Cool stuff.  View gallery here.

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