Spanking to Orgasm

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Apr 232017

spankorgasm1 spankorgasm2

Wooooo extra super sexy spanking this post with John and Triple A Spankings new movie “Spanked to Orgasm” now available on his site. Lily Swan & Joelle Barros are lovers – Lily suggested something a little different and kinky one evening as they lay on the bed together in their sexy lingerie… Lily had been hiding a secret and wanted to try something a little more kinky and explore her submissive side with her girlfriend. All that “50 Shades” hype had made Lily curious and she had secretly bought a stash of spanking implements and wanted Joelle to try them out on her. Lily was excited when Joelle finally agreed to requests that she said she’d like to try and orgasm when her girlfriend used these on her, experiencing the delicious pangs of pain with the pleasure of ecstasy. See both combine to give Lily a very real shuddering orgasm as she fingers herself off whilst Joelle marks her bottom a glorious shade of crimson at the same time! This is hot stuff! Visit Triple A Spanking click here!


Spanking a Bad Girl called Chessie.

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Apr 092017


Another naughty pussy and asshole movie from Triple A spanking with sassy brat Chessie showing off her doodahs.  Chessie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking: Chessie appeared in this revealing & intimate position as she took her first ever “Wheelbarrow Spanking”. This is your chance to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films to date with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 12 minute ordeal in this awkward position with some great close up facial reactions. You will not miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouble! Chessie grabbed hold of her Teddy Bear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – She got a harder than expected hand spanking and also received a leather paddling and some very stinging strokes of the dreaded Bathbrush (which was ideal and perfect for accuracy in this position!) Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular wheelbarrow films to date – out now in full HD! See a free gallery of pix here.


A Well Caned Big Bottom.

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Nov 122016

zoe montana caned


Blimey, be liberal with the cold cream for the poor arse of well caned Zoe Montana in a new hot spanking movie from John Osbourne’s brilliant TRIPLE A SPANKING. Filmed during the yearly Shadowlane gathering, this is one for those of you who like to see mature women severely caned hard. CLICK HERE for more hot pix of Zoe being punished by John!


Reckless Spanking.

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Oct 172016

denim spanking

New from TRIPLE A SPANKING is hot little minx Mandie Rae. Reckless & Feckless: This is a stunning domestic discipline debut for Mandie Rae as the financially inept wife of husband Robert. She had been hiding risky trades in stocks and shares with their home finances until they weren’t enough to cover her mounting losses. She had started to make more obvious transfers from personal bank accounts to cover the shortfalls. At this point, it wasn’t long before Robert noticed the discrepancies and after he investigated them he decided to talk it through with Mandie to hear her side of the story. She told him she was afraid of what Robert would think and couldn’t let him know but she was right to worry as this was what disappointed him most that she felt a need to hide this from him rather than seek his help. He decided that an old fashioned hard bare bottom spanking might just remind Mandie that from this moment on she would have to earn his trust again. This is a loving yet very firm and hard traditional OTK spanking punishment between a husband and his young, attractive wife. Look out for the double arm and leg lock as he spanked his struggling wife on her bare bottom until he was satisfied that her very sore red bottom would be a good down payment on building that trust again! VIEW A FREE GALLERY HERE!


Triple A Spanking – American Ass meet English Hand.

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Aug 182016

sarah gregory spanked

Enjoyed this one very much from TRIPLE A SPANKING and is especially fun because in real life John and Sarah are now hanging around together as a spanking couple. Sarah Gregory is awesome in this – check out a hot free pix gallery here!

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