Spanking Sexy Nurse Amelia Jane Rutherford from WPC Pandora Blake.

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Jul 242016

nurse spanking amelia jane rutherford

amelia jane rutherford spanked


“SPLURT!” Cor blimey holy smokes, now this dings my dong and rings my dangly doo-dahs something silly. Pandora Blake as a hot police lady in black stockings and suspenders AND Amelia Jane Rutherford as a sexy nurse in her white suzzies and everything playing spanking cosplay games with the awesome Sarah Bright. Be still my aching knob! Phew, talk about the ultimate spankingwankathon. THIS IS IT. Awesome latest update from the excellent UK spank site SPANKING SARAH. Nothing else to say as the pix say it all. CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW to check out an exclusive preview movie clip and how to join Sarah’s brilliant website.

NOTE FOR INTERNET EXPLORER USERS: Yeah, yeah. Just noticed that some of the posts on this blog have squished pix. Everything looks fine in Firefox at my end when doing posts. Unlike in Fox, IE isn’t reducing the original image to the correct aspect ratio size by the look of it. Just means I’ll have to do it the hard way. Thanks Microsoft.


Amelia Jane and the London Spanking Tanner.

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Jul 132016

amelia jane rutherford

Sigh. Amelia Jane Rutherford is so damned hot and cute in her new movie at REDSTRIPE SPANKING – part of the Spanking Sarah network of English spanking websites. The London Tanner is the best known producer of leather spanking implements in the world but little know is the fact that many young ladies are sent to him by husbands and boyfriends for a real sound spanking. He has large hard hands and a very strong right arm and boy does he know how to use it. The latest visitor to his house is Amelia Jane Rutherford and she is none too happy to find herself there and even less pleased when she is ordered to place herself over his knee. A good hard spanking is always good for a girl, puts her in her place, but just try telling that to Amelia Jane who can’t sit on her red bottom.  Watch a free preview movie trailer here.


Unwanted AAA Spanking Friendship.

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Jun 212016

domestic spanking

domestic aaa spanking

Sexy cosplay sox fun in the latest update at AAA SPANKING with Molly Malone and Amelia Jane Rutherford as two friends who end up with two sore bottoms. Amelia and Molly had grown apart as they now attended different schools. However, Molly would love to rekindle their old friendship so had been stalking Amelia for some time waiting for an opportune moment and excuse to invite herself in and try to rekindle what they once had. Amelia was taken aback on one such “chance enncounter” but invited sneaky Molly in as a courtesy, both girls were Head of their respective schools but there the similarity ended as Amelia now lived in a strict household that promoted discipline in the home to further her advancing education! Molly soon discovered this first hand when the girls bickered and fought and the noise could be heard outside as Amelia’s strict guardian arrived home none too pleased! You will see how he dishes out humiliating bare bottom punishments to both girls who dared to shame him with their petty squabbling that the whole neighbourhood must have heard! Don’t miss Amelia and Molly’s bare bottoms revealed with their panties pulled down in shame, still in their school uniforms, as they are given the strap then the hairbrush for being such annoying spoilt brats!  CLICK HERE for more preview pix from this update!



Off Duty Spanking for Nurse Rutherford.

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Jun 072016

nurse spanking1

nurse spanking2

TWO AWESOME pix from NORTHERN SPANKING‘s new exclusive HD movie “OFF DUTY part 1/2” with senior nurse Caroline Grey giving her colleague AMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD a sexy otk spanking in her bedroom. I fucking LOVE nurse spanking stories and this is fucking brill. Whole movie only available in the members archive – CLICK HERE for more info.




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May 242016

english spanking blog amelia jane rutherford


Everyone has their favourite lady of spanking so I thought it’d be fun to post some of my favourite English spankees for your titilation on this blog. First up is an absolutely fantastic lady who goes by the name of Amelia Jane Rutherford. If you’ve seen any of her movies you’ll know exactly why she is a firm favourite of many spank fans. Tall, winsome and willowy, Amelia Jane has a superb bottom that get’s spanked hard, long and often as she is one of the most saught after models in the business – on both sides of the Atlantic. She’s done shoots for FIRM HAND SPANKNG USA, SPANKED IN UNIFORM, DREAMS OF SPANKING and NORTHERN SPANKING in her time and all are great fun to watch as she’s a great actress and understands what make those of us who love watching women being spanked tick. An easy choice for this first in an occasional series. Btw, visit my other new spank blog BIG BOTTOM AMERICAN SPANKINGS to see some of my favourite stateside girls.

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