Spanking at Spanked Cheeks.

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Jun 252016

spanked cheeks

New from SPANKED CHEEKS is another clip from their “Benefits” series with Jenna Jay caught on the fiddle as a maid and getting her big bare arse soundly thrashed as shown in the preview poster above. For fans of bad girls in trouble being punished SPANKED CHEEKS is a spanking site to check out. Click here for more.


Mother Daughter Spankings at SPANKED CHEEKS.

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Jun 132016

mother daugher spanking

SPANKED CHEEKS UK is one of those adult websites which operate a little under the radar as far as brand recognition is concerned but they go about their business producing some of the best “domestic/work punishment” spanking erotica on the Internet. Some of the top names in UK spanking are in their movies such as Jenna Jay in this latest one called “MOTHER AND DAUGHTER PUNISHED” where she cosplays as the naughty daughter. The mom looks really hot in this lol. As I said earlier, this is a really cool and interesting website and if you want more info CLICK HERE to check it out.


Jenna Jay Northern Spanking and her Toasted Buns.

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Jun 072016

spanking jenna jay

TOP NORTHERN SPANKING Botty Totty Jenna Jay poses artistically over the knee of Dave the spanker in this awesome photo from the latest HD movie update called “Toasted Buns!” Love domestic spanking stories where a tiff ends with the memsab getting a good otk spanking even if she’s in the right. Any excuse to give the better half a smacked arse eh guys! Really good movie which is a terrific addition to the huge NS archive. CLICK HERE for more info and how ya can join up to support this worthy website.



Spanking Double Caning for Poor Girl Jenna.

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May 112016

english spanking blog


Well endowed and erotically chunky is how best I’d describe most English spanking ladies. I dunno wot it is but our girls just seem to have more fleshy spankable bottoms than anywhere else. Not fat, more bountiful you understand. Not that there is anything wrong with the larger lady being cods walloped until her peach of an arse turns into a plum. Jenna here fits the bill perfectly. Great arse and very spank worthy. Check out more awesome pix of this spankee at the links. Kudos to Spanking Sarah for the update.

english spanking blog


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